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Mick, after all these years I only got to know you properly last year and am so saddened that I do not have more time. You were so generous, you and Pat made my "60th" so special.
We laughed so much and that is the way I will remember you, along with eating Parma Ham in my garden. Your plants grow strong and tall and every time I see them I will celebrate your life.
Goodbye Mick my friend, you crossed over peacefully with your family all watching over you and playing beautiful music. lots of love on your crossing over. Barbara Cape Town South Africa

Barbara Fileman, 10 June 2009

Dear Pat, Sums, Sam and Saskia,

I just wanted to write and say I how shocked and sad I was to hear about Mick. I always appreciated that he (and all of you) made me feel like part of the family, and always enjoyed his rather dry humour and fabulously creative spirit. He did of course occasionally scare me out of my wits with his temper at Summerly and my teenage exploits!!! He was a real character and I know we will all miss him. I will be coming down to London to the funeral on Thursday, I am just so sorry it is under such sad circumstances.

Tania Wood, 11 June 2009

Just look at those Movie Star Looks!

I am so grateful for the support that Mick has shown me down through the years but more especially in the past four years- calmly providing inspiration and judgement.
I’ll miss that clever way he had of making people feel good about themselves by helping them to recognise their own achievements.
I’ll miss the calm way he dealt with people even when they had really pissed him off.
I’ll miss his wicked sense of humour- but most of all I'll miss his kindness- particularly to all those young people he helped most recently.
Graham and I will both miss the cups of tea and a gossip with him in our garden and we send all our love to his truly wonderful family.
Jo and Graham Smith 11th June 2009

Jo smith, 11 June 2009

Dear Pat, Sums, Sam and Saskia,

First time online in weeks after moving house and having baby here in Orlando, and this website address on Summerly's facebook page made my heart sink before I even knew what had happened - I was hoping so much that it wasn't so.

Sums, your dad was awesome. So gorgeous that I always had such a crush on him (sorry Pat)! Your parents were such icons for me growing up, I am so sorry that you have lost your special dad. I will always think of him with great affection. Remember how he helped me with that music for my gym rountine? I went to his offices and thought he had the coolest job ever.

Sending you all much love and strength at this time. Hold on to all your precious memories of your vivacious dad...
Love, Kate x

Kate (Phillips) Rose, 11 June 2009

Dear Pat and Family,
Charlotte has just told me your sad news. We are thinking of you all. We have happy memories of the years at Kew College. With love,

Emma and Simon Owens

, 12 June 2009

I am extremely saddened to hear this news. I have the fondest memories of the wonderful holiday I spent with your family in Marina di Pietra Santa in the Summer of 1996. Mick was so welcoming and generous and made me feel part of your lovely family.

Lucie Purves. Hong Kong, 12 June 2009

So sorry to hear of your sad loss, Mick was a client of mine during my days at Studio Ten and his at both WCRS and BDDH. He was a great art director to work with, always clear on what he was looking for creatively, he was also a charming bloke with a good sense of humour.
Mick will be sadly missed by family, friends and associates.

Ian Dunbar, 12 June 2009

I would really love to send my condolences to all of you -Sas, Summerly, Sam and Pat and other members of the family. I always felt so welcome at your house and always enjoyed your company. I dont even really know what to say... Im sorry and you will remain in my prayers. I pray you all find the strength and courage in the midst of your hurt, that each day gets easier and easier and that the love that you have for eachother will grow even deeper as each day passes.

Love From Nicola (and Family) xxxxxxxx

p.s. I just now remembered Mick's suggestion for us to buy each other peanuts at a school meeting :) I always really liked him and his sense of humour.

Nicola Were, 12 June 2009

Remembering my old pal Mick...
Knew him at Art school, worked with him on first job in Ipswich. Is it 30+ years since we last met??
A Bank Holiday in Wales in his Hillman Imp!
Punting in Oxford, crashing into other boats as we hadn't punted before!
A week in Winchester this time in his 'Porche' getting drunk with my brother and booking a 'Golf' holiday in Spain!
Being a great friend of the family.

Goodbye old friend...

Love to Pat and all the family

Robin Tramaseur, 13 June 2009

I keep seeing.....
Mick and Tam sauntering hand-in-hand ahead of us
nattering away after a sunday morning brunch.
A warming picture of a man at peace with the world
in his element with family and friends.

A few days later incomprehensibly gone
Torn away.

we accumulate friends through life.....
Some drift away, most remain 'good'
and a few develop into 'close'.
Just happens there is no formula.

I was looking forward to growing old with you Mick
why did you have to bugger off like that.

Paul, 15 June 2009

I did not know Mick but looking at these pictures he has certainly had some happy times with a lovely family. I work in the same Department as Rose, his sister, and our love and thoughts go to her and all her family at this very sad time.

Julie Hammond, 15 June 2009

Such sad news.
Mick (and Derek) gave me and my art director Dave a 3 month placement when Butterfield Day Devito Hockney was in its infancy.
Lovely guy, very patient with our obvious student naivety! They decided not to take us on (Richard & Andy were waiting in the wings), but when I saw Mick some time later at an Awards night he still took the time to come over and chat to find out how I was, and where I was working. A rare gentleman.
My thoughts are with his family & close friends.
Jacque S

Jacqueline Steel, 16 June 2009

So sorry to hear the dreadful news about Mick. I had the enormous pleasure of working with him at WCRS - I was the suit on Sharwood's and he was an extraordinarily nice and talented t shirt. I'm so sorry for your loss and thoughts will be with you tomorrow.

David Wood

David Wood, 17 June 2009

What a sad shock. Today is the day of Mick's Funeral. It is also the 30th Birthday Party of WCRS - the agency he contributed his calm,stylish art direction to in our early days.
Good timing Mick, on a very sad day for Pat and the family.
Let's remember that good ideas live on even when their creators have moved on.

Robin Wight, 18 June 2009

I was so sorry to hear that Mick had died. We worked together at Grey - he was a lovely and very talented man. I don't have any photos, but I do have good memories. My thoughts are with you. Katie

Katie Munson (now Leighton), 20 June 2009

I was saddened to hear of Mick's death and more so as this was only this week.
I had the pleasure of working with Mick in the very early days of Day Devito when this excitingly creative duo worked for me when Jackson Brady was working for then large fitted bedroom client Wallspan Bedrooms and we created along with Tony Hertz of the Radio Business the award winning campaign DO TRY THE DRAWERS.
This was then followed by more campaigns with DD and I look back on that time as very special not only for success of those campaigns but for the working relationship we had.
Mick was not only a talented man but one that I remember fondly and vividly from all those years ago as being a 'nice guy'.
He will have meant a million times more than that to his family and close friends and my condolences go to you all.

At 62 to myself and having crossed swords with the big C and come out the other end I know that 62 is far too early to go and it certainly was for Mick.

Bob Jackson, 10 July 2009

Why is the best get called in first? I can’t help but think it’s to examine us all with the usual attention to detail and humor us with the same forgiving patience you were always happy to extend to any student of life and advertising whom you so generously mentored. You will be missed, but much appreciated, wherever you are.

Godspeed, sweet dreams.

Katarina Skoberne, 17 July 2009

Hi Pat and all the family,
I can’t tell you how sad I was to hear the news about Mick. We shared so many years together at BDDH and, though we sometimes had our differences, I always really liked and respected him. He told the best stories with the most brilliant analogies, and even when things were tough he stayed calm. I always put that down to the fact that (at the beginning) he was the only one of the four of us who had a proper family! I’ll miss him very much, it seems so unfair that he should have died so young.
My love and best wishes to you all.

Leslie Butterfield, 9 June 2009

Dear Pat and family,

We never met but I wanted to send you a note to say how sad it was to hear about Mick’s death last week.
I suppose I always (naively I’m sure!) believed that Mick and Derek might one day find a way to get back to the productive, close, enviable friendship that they once had and that we would meet, but that is not to be.
I would love to have had the opportunity to know Mick better - we worked together for 6 years at BDDH and went on some pretty memorable trips: rough boat rides and trying to turn a man into an eagle with John Swannell in Martinque, getting lost up a mountain with the great Terence Donovan in Corsica, and staying at a government run hotel in the middle of nowhere in India for Christian Aid. Mick was always the same – calm, kind, professional and great fun.
Mick and I share the same birthday, so his name always comes up on that day and I am sure it will continue to do so.

Best wishes to you all as you go forward

Helen Edwards, 11 June 2009

Hi Pat
Sue (Fairley) emailed me in Dubai to tell me about Mick. I am so sorry. I remember him as a lovely bloke. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family at this difficult time.
Mark Burbidge (Bundles' Dad of Alwyn Avenue)

Mark Burbidge, 11 June 2009

A message to Mick
A wonderful human being, generous beyond belief, a great family he sadly leaves behind but above all (being selfish !) someone who is leaving a huge hole in my life.
I first met "The Devito Boy" when he instructed me to sell a house on Rothschild Road. I knew it would be an easy sell and commission, cause the house was perfect in every way due to the attention to details. It sold in 4 weeks. what result.
However to surpass all, the young man came into my office one day and asked me to sell his own house. Well, what can I say. What an honour It was like being given a knighthood ! I knew I was on a winner. The market was not with us but we got there in the end and got what he wanted.
He always got what he wanted, that is why I always envied him.
I hope that throughout my life, I have even an ounce of his charisma, charm and good looks, cause I know with those qualities you cannot go wrong.
A good friend and business partner is now gone and will he be sourly missed.
They don't make them like you anymore Mick !
Love you to bits.
Love you Des

Des Desmarais, 12 June 2009

I had the good fortune to work closely with Mick for a couple of years, at Grey, in the late 90s-early 00s. Jerry Della Femina once said that advertising is the most fun you can have with your clothes on. Mick proved that lovely statement to be true. The work came first of course - and Mick was always, always striving to squeeze more and more out of an idea and get closer to perfection, to "put a head on its shoulders" (a typical sample of his apparently inexhaustible and constantly evolving bank of metaphors) - but we made each other laugh so much, it didn't feel like work at all. I clearly remember a high-powered meeting with several senior P&G executives in which Mick announced, sage-like: "I don't know what the answer is yet. But it needs to be big. And it needs to have legs." He shot me a glance at that moment and (he realising what he'd said) we both struggled not to giggle. Mick succeeded. I didn't. Hurriedly excusing myself I rushed for the nearest loo, locked myself in and sat, aching with laughter for a few minutes before rejoining the meeting. "So it can't be a whale", I was thinking - "but it could be an elephant couldn't it?" I must also mention my wife Carolyn's and my wonderful stay at the apartment in Todi. What a lovely place! The apartment was full of Mick's art, too. He under-rated himself as an artist... and as an art director too, actually... not to mention horticulturist, cook, raconteur... Dear God, I can't believe you are no longer with us Mick, you are still making me laugh today. Rest in peace. Chris

chris waite, 12 June 2009

Our thoughts are with you. He was a lovely man.

Elaine & Maggie (receptionist's WCRS 1984)

12 June 2009

To Pat, Summerly, Sam and Saskia
Our memories of Mick are happy ones, since he always seemed so happy (albeit always with a little of his trademark anxiety). It was clear that Pat you and the family were his abiding passion. He was very kind to Antonio, who loved bumping into him in Chiswick - whenever we saw Mick we felt a little closer to Italy and all things Italian. We always wished we saw more of you all, in fact the last few occasions we bumped into Mick we talked about getting together for a big lunch or dinner. We loved seeing you in Todi too. You are a special family for whom we have a huge respect and affection. This is such a loss but knowing you, and knowing Mick, he will never be too far away, still watching over you all from wherever he is in the ether and probably interfering in the cooking and any arrangements. He was always busy with something or other - that won't change in your heads. We are close to you all at this time but also in the future as part of your extended Chiswick family. With our love Alex and Antonio Toscano 12.6.09

Alex & Antonio Toscano, 12 June 2009

Mick was the first Creative Director I ever worked for. He was an inspiration to me and will be sorely missed by anyone fortunate to have worked with him.

Jamie Bell, 12 June 2009

To all of you,
We are sharing your sorrow, try to be brave and remember the loving and fun time you share together.
Our hearts go with you.
Dany, Grace, Christo

13 June 2009

So very sad to hear of Mick's untimely death. What a lovely man, generous always in sharing his ideas and helping people through the bewildering world of advertising. He was a passionate supporter of young talent, and a loyal friend to even his most difficult close colleagues. To Pat and all your family, my kindest thoughts and deep regret that he has been so prematurely and cruelly snatched away from you.

tom harvey, 15 June 2009

Just wanted to pass on my deepest condolences to Micks family. I had the pleasure and honour of working with Mick and found him to not only be extremely generous with his time but warm, passionate and engaging. He helped me alot.

JP Li, 15 June 2009

Just heard about Mick, my thoughts are wiith his family at this sad time.

I met Mick when we worked at Grey, I admired him as a fellow creative and his gentle and warm manner.

Sad day


kevin ferry, 16 June 2009

To all the family,

We lit candles in Todi Cathedral early this morning for Mick, Milton and Dylan.
All our love and thoughts are with you on this day.

Jillian, Raphaella and Roberto

18 June 2009

Dear Sam and Family

A rock-and-roll funeral as you said yourself - such a great celebration of such a sad day.

Good to see your website skills have got much better since knowing us and if you can follow your Dad's advice and write even better copy for us then you'd be doing him proud

xxxSkywire and woof a ruff

The Team At Skywire, 19 June 2009

Hi Pat

I was just looking at the website and have just seen this - I am extremely saddened by this news and my thoughts are with you and your family at this difficult time. I will drop in to see you at the shop when you are there. Take care of yourself,

Tom Chakraborti - 54 Blandford Road

Tom Chakraborti, 22 June 2009